Sunday, 25 January 2015

January 2015

hi. im back after a year. again!
hm, lets talk about how 2014 was

the year 2014. well it was a memorable year. A year where I learned a lot of things and also a year where I started trying to understand myself. Things were easy before until

You met someone.

Not going to talk about that because it's so last year? and it has so much bitter memories.
Im good as new. As new as the new year, 2015!
No more looking at the back :) You did something, you learn from it, and you move on. You improve  yourself. That's the whole idea of living. I guess?

Well anyways, I look at it as a part of growing up. Everyone messes up once in a while right?
Nobody's perfect.

to me. You.. screwing up is normal. You will eventually make those mistakes that you swore before that you'll never do it. Because you're meant to learn from it. You're meant to do it regardless how much awareness you put in yourself.

zzzzzzzzzz ok next topic

so I told you I started off my year with a little sweet and continued with bitter memories throughout the year
I pushed myself to the limit that life is more than this like come on? You're not gonna let a person you just knew completely ruined your whole year. I am freaking better than this. Ive gotta change!

So I started making myself really busy with my club. with events. and projects! so that I could make myself tired, busy, and packed so that I wont feel sad or have time to think about it....well it worked really.

Yes, that lazy ass Shasha Anuar is in a club and shes running around the faculty with her black and white suit all the time. That is so unusual.

People know me as the type who doesn't give a damn about this kind of stuff.
Im someone who goes back home immediately after  my classes end. And my kind of fun is just going out and shop. Seriously. I was that ignorant about my faculty.

So I did that. Done that. and.
Not that I cant stand the workload. Im stress that im attached with something. I want to be able to do anything I want any time.

but I did not regret a single thing from entering the club. Ok guys, it called Moot club actually. i'll call it as moot  now.
Yes....... I did not regret any thing from entering moot. it was really fun and I made a lot of friends.
so much love for my moot family. They're crazy!

But this lazy shasha has to go. I really intended to try out the club for one term only XD
Im done guys.

what else

Oh my trip with my friends to Singapore! The highlight of the year!
It was super fun and crazy I swear. Halloween was super amazing. Did not regret paying the Halloween ticket altogether with one day entrance of uss. Totally worth it.
And thank you so much mom and dad for believing in me to have a trip with my friends
And insyaAllahh, it will be Korea n August this year, and followed by UK to visit those 3 ladies over there.
Oh gotta start saving a lot.

Mostly, I can say, 2014 taught me how something can pull yourself down to the ground in a snap
I am much much a better person now.
I hated guys before. I am accepting now slightly..... But if you pull me into a conversation about guys
My words will always be
"The only men you can trust in this world is your dad and your brother" That is my full advice for 2014 haha

Also, god tested you how little things can change you into a whole different person
You need to stick to your origin.
Be you. Be strict to your principles.
and you'll be safe

also. There's no such thing as second chance.

haha Things happen for a reason. Im meant to learn this.
Just don't become the person you were before.  That's the key!

2015 is so my year. No one can ruin this. no onE
ok tata tired of typing already. good day

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Im back, again

hi, its 1:24 am right now and i feel so desperate to write. I really like expressing myself in words but the lazyness has consumed me BIG TIME so, yeah i was gone a year or so

haha guys dont read my previous post, its so funny and embarrassing. but i personally dont want to delete it, it shows me how i was before and how i changed in writing (lol)

so 1am thought aye
i dont really have anything much in mind right now, again im telling you, im just SO desperate to write something
i guess i'll just write random stuff abt whats been going on lately

its at the end of my semester break, im not liking it. but honestly speaking, i actually quite excited of returning to college. Not that im that bored at home that i want college to fill my time, its just i feel i want to get back doing some productive things? like attending lectures ha ha ha and do stuff with my gonna regret typing this after 1 week of going back to college no joke

my best friends Puteri and Naimah are flying off soon. Naimah is returning to India for med school there and Puteri is going to UK to start her degree. i hate you guys. i can assure you that there will be a big drama at the airport, (u guys dont know how dramatic and aunties my friends can be) so we will definitely make a scene hahahaha but who cares, i will miss you guys like crazy i swear

Izurin is flying off to aussie too. WHY DO U GUYS NEED TO GO OUT OF THE COUNTRY :(
I know how it feels good to study there and yea i personally want to try living there too but
haha see------ this is just 20% of my dramatic unleashing

me............ well im going back to shah alam. Back studying law. Back trying to figure out what i love.
To be honest, i dont feel that im passionate abt law at all. i just study and i want to be a good student.
So far, law is fine. its like a whole memorizing skills game being in law school but its fun to know serious stuff and current issues around.

i seriously dont know what i love. i just love to shop, dressing up, eat and take pictures i guess?
i wish there'd be a job for that

yeah i think thats all from me. Till then :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

First Post!

Hi! I'm back blogging like finally! I've been trying to get back writing in here for so long but i couldn't do so because of my laziness.
Anyway, i am still sexy,free and single im ready too, bingo living my super long holidays. (Haha! You do not get me if you are not a kpop fan)
I missed blogging so much but my passion to blog is not as high as the level of my laziness, well good thing now that im finally here writing something so please shut up shasha //

So Ramadhan starts tomorrow! So excited! I can lose weight!!!! Hahahaha
Somehow i think i want to rearrange my daily routine to something challenging like im planning to not sleep until 4:30am (which is sahur time for me) by watching dramas and then i'll sleep after sahur and wake up at noon.
Then followed by some blogilates time in the evening and tada~! buka puasa time! Isn't that nice
Not really challenging i know, but by saying challenging was actually i want to complete watching 10 dramas in a month? Ok still not challenging, just trying to make a record tho haha

I guess that is all for my first post.